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Yongchen Shanghai Water Exhibition full of harvest, that is, hot new products sharp!
Release time:2018-10-27    Browse:2647

2018 Shanghai International Water Exhibition has been successfully concluded, Yongchen Pavilion has attracted many friends from all over the country and even the favor of foreign friends, the latest development of the instant hot new [YC-2L-JR2] by the exhibitors unanimously recognized and praised. 
As an excellent product, this product not only has a remarkable breakthrough in appearance, technology and technology, but also is upgraded again in function and system, aiming at bringing more intelligent and more convenient operation experience to the masses of consumers. 

Leading the new trend of energy-saving drinking water industry!

Although the Shanghai Water Show has been over for two days, people's attention to the Yongchen instant hot style new products has not been reduced, there are still many customers through the telephone or official website to understand and consult, so what is so special about this machine? 
Next, let the editor introduce you one by one!

Yongchen instant hot water dispenser [YC-2L-JR2]

Yongchen instant hot water dispenser [YC-2L-JR2] in the aspect of appearance design, the whole machine imitates the human body engineering design, selects the special-shaped acrylic panel, the shell adopts the newest electrostatic spraying powder painting technology, beautiful and generous; The sink is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel. 
Sanitary and durable; special water dark blue soft LED lighting, more science and technology sense; large size capacitive touch screen control, embedded installation, smooth surface seamless.

In the performance: rapid heating, without preheating, without waiting, open that there is 100 ℃ boiled water supply, more water temperature and output of a number of stages can be adjusted, convenient and fast; when the filter reached the service life, the display panel can automatically remind to replace the filter; 
More humanized; when the machine has no one to use for three minutes, it will automatically play SD card video data, more intelligent; no inner tank, to avoid residual water, to eliminate the generation of thousands of boiling water, drinking more healthy; use electricity, do not use water, do not consume electricity. 
No heat preservation and power consumption; in addition, the machine standard with timing switching machine, automatic / manual washing and other functions, the use of more assured. 

With the emergence of more and more intelligent, scientific and technological products, people's lives are becoming more and more convenient. 
Yongchen drinking water equipment to catch up with the market demand, the introduction of the hot drinking water dispenser to solve the pain point of drinking water for people at the same time also provides a more personalized way of drinking water. 
In the future, the Yongchen company will follow the pace of the development of the times, increase product innovation and R & D efforts, so that consumers can enjoy a healthy new life of drinking water!

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