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Month full Mid-Autumn Festival, the warmth of a family--Yong Chen all the staff to meet the Mid-Autumn Festival!
Release time:2018-10-27    Browse:2537

I wish people a long time, toast reunion! In order to strengthen the team cohesion, increase the staff's sense of belonging, and promote the construction of enterprise culture, Yongchen Company specially held the festival dinner with the theme "Moon full Mid-Autumn Festival, warm one's family" at the Tooth Liuxiang Restaurant on the evening of September 22, and all the Yongchen people gathered happily together; Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival.

At the beginning of the dinner, Mr. Tong Yongping, General Manager of Yongchen Company, extended festive greetings and best wishes to all the employees, and thanked them for their unremitting efforts and hard work during the peak sales season. After the speech, the company prepared a rich meal and beautiful holiday gifts for everyone.

Dinner, while eating delicious dishes, while on weekdays encountered in the work of fun, annoyance mutual exchange, further deepening the feelings between the staff. 
During the dinner, the atmosphere was harmonious, and the drinks were exchanged. We drank and drank together. We thanked the Yongchen company for caring and caring for our loved ones, which made us feel the warmth of our home. And when this beautiful moon is round, wishes the festival to be joyful mutually, the whole family Xin Fu, wishes our forever Chen company Pengcheng ten thousand miles, the big exhibition Hongtu! Laughter, we harvested a thick friendship, spent an unforgettable night. 
Unforgettable tonight, regardless of the horizon and the promontory, unforgettable tonight, regardless of new friends and old friends.

Yongchen 2018 Mid-Autumn Dinner in a harmonious and happy atmosphere in the successful conclusion. 
Thanks to all the Yongchen people have been making contributions to the development of the company, we believe that under the joint efforts of everyone, the future we will continue to write more brilliant!

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